Our Services - what we provide

Initial Consultation

Consultation at Sulukeyat is about meeting parents and the learner to discuss reasons for seeking therapy and to conduct a general observation of the learner. ...

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Comprehensive Assessment

The learner’s journey starts from a comprehensive assessment that is conducted over two weeks in the learner’s natural environment this can be his home and/or school plus some sessions at...

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Program Design and Implementation

After conducting the assessment, Sulukeyat team conveys the results to parents and puts a plan that takes parents’ requests and valid goals into consideration.We put goals that are measurable...

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ABA, Speech and OT Therapy

Our treatment is based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), an outcome-based scientific approach to measure behavior, teach socially significant skills, and evaluate the progress of those skills....

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Parent Training

Parents are our main advocates in the teaching program. Their awareness and application of the recommendations that we provide, accelerates learning and ensures maintenance of targets. We ask...

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School Collaboration

Children spend most of their learning time at school, therefore, it is very important to address learning barriers right there. ...

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