About Us


Sulukeyat aims at making the right difference in the life of people struggling with their learning by providing a holistic high- quality services that adopt only evidence-based practices.


Sulukeyat aims at having current learners be successfully independent later on in their life. Relying on Applied Behavior Analysis as a science for learning, Sulukeyat will foster learning using objective data-driven decisions. We aim at taking the burden of the families in terms of coordinating various needed services among different parties whilst, training parents through individualized intensive training on how to boost their child’s learning though day to day examples.






Our Clients: Sulukeyat is a teaching and support center for learning difficulties.We serve and support those who are impacted by different kinds of delays: communication, social,         academics, play etc. Sulukeyat addresses learning barriers from the minor to the most complex ones. Moreover, Sulukeyat empowers people with special needs, their families, their schools, caregivers and deliver services in the clients' natural environment, everywhere they need it.People diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome, dyslexia, ADHD,    among other diagnoses can have their skills assessed with a tailored plan put in place. 

Our Approach: We tailor our services to the client's needs through the application of best practices. Sulukeyat adopts practices that have been scientifically proven. It uses the science of learning, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in social settings. For more information about ABA click here

Our Team: We work on each learner as a project. A complete team that includes a: Special Educator, Registered Behavior Technician, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Speech Pathologist, Occupational therapist, a Psychologist along with parents’ and school support; gather to put an adequate plan for each learner.