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The learner’s journey starts from a comprehensive assessment that is conducted over two weeks in the learner’s natural environment this can be his home and/or school plus some sessions at the center (for the functional Analysis).

We use different kinds of assessments that entails both criterion and norm reference assessments:

While Criterion-referenced Assessment measures a student’s performance based on mastery of a specific set of skills, Norm-referenced Assessment ensures a student’s performance in comparison to the performance of same-age students on the same assessment.

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA):

FBA is a type of assessment used to uncover variables in the environment that contributes in increasing learner’s problem behaviors. It is a scientific method that eliminates the guessing factor of the elements controlling such behaviors. Therefore, saving time and avoiding damaging consequences in the case of aggressive behaviors.


Assessment stages:

  1. Informant Assessment: Interviews and questionnaires
  2. Descriptive Functional Behavior Assessment: Recording behaviors, what comes before (antecedents) and what comes after (consequences)
  3. Functional Analysis (FA): behavior is affected by various factors in the environment, to be able to spot and control these factors a functional assessment of manipulating behavior in different conditions is conducted rendering a more solid plan.FA is Conducted in Sulukeyat center since it requires a special setting (a room with one- way vision glass).