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Sulukeyat Center recognizes the importance of supporting UAEs vision for people with determination. Therefore, a brief history about UAEs special needs law is found to be of great significance:

People of determination, formerly known as SEND, has been always one of the major interests of United Arab Emirates government, starting in November 2016, UAE government has signed the convention on the right of people with disabilities that is the first law in the UAE to protect the rights of people of determination. Article 12 of the law provides: the country guarantees people with special needs equal opportunities in education within all educational, vocational training, adult education and continuing education institutions in regular classes or special classes with the availability of curriculum in sign language or Braille and or any other methods as appropriate.

In 2018, ministry of education has established a new department for special Education to ensure that people with determination have access to educational system. In the same year, the national project of inclusion for people with special needs was launched to ensure a supportive environment and accessibility to the educational system.

In 2013, Dubai’s Crown Prince, H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, launched the “My Community Dubai program” in order to make Dubai a fully disability-friendly city by 2020.

In 2017, Shaikh Mohamad announced that people with special needs will be referred to as people of determination reflecting on the endless efforts they’re putting forth. He called for empowering the determined ones through different aspects:

Health and rehabilitation, Education, Vocational rehabilitation and employment, outreach, Social protection and family empowerment, Public life culture and sports.

Looking forward to hear more about new UAE laws amendment for inclusive society…. government of determination for people with determination.